Indian Railways to monitor kitchens with AI-controlled cameras
How far would you go for beer? This Florida woman went to jail!
Shoe dessert at Benjamin Netanyahu-Shinzo Abe dinner has Japan fuming
Want some pizza-flavoured ice cream? New York restaurant has you covered!
Whiskey tastes better when it is diluted, claims study!
Vitamin A deficiency puts 140 million children at risk of illness and death: UNICEF
Thailand: Kid Mai Death Awareness Cafe lets you sleep in a coffin for discount!
‘Bad’ fats targeted in new global health guidelines
Indian cops turn police station into vegetable garden, grow 40 kinds of veggies!
Watch: When Priyanka Chopra encountered Bollywood-flavoured popcorn
US restaurants’ racism rows continue: Patron kicked out, ex-employee called N-word
Delhi is supplied substandard milk, says Health Minister Satyendar Jain
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