Watch: Congress workers arrested for biryani brawl at 2019 Lok Sabha election meeting

At least nine members of the Congress were arrested on Saturday, April 6, 2019, after a biryani brawl broke out at an election meeting.

Boy finds razor in McDonalds Happy Meal!

A four-year-old boy in Wisconsin in the US found a razor in McDonalds happy meal, leading to a scare where even the local police got involved!

Man offers Rs 10 discount on tandoori chicken leg piece if you say ‘Pakistan Murdabad’!

An Indian stall-owner is offering a Rs 10 discount on tandoori chicken leg pieces if you say Pakistan Murdabad!

Watch viral video: BSP workers loot Mayawati birthday cake

A viral video posted on Twitter shows members of the Bahujan Samaj party grabbing chunks out of a birthday cake of party chief Mayawati.

US restaurant named Pho Keene Great stands its grounds over nomenclature

A restaurant in New Hampshire in the US, named Pho Keene Great, is standing its ground over allegations that its name sounds profane.

Ranveer gets naughty with Deepika Dosa: Read what he said!

Read how Ranveer Singh reacted to the Deepika Dosa that a restaurant in Texas in the US is selling!

This is how Delhi is about to cut down in food wastage

The Delhi government has told the Supreme Court that it will take some stern — and possibly unpalatable — steps to reduce wastage of food. …

Chef Vishnu Manohar

Chef Vishnu Manohar makes 3,000 kg khichdi in single utensil for World Food Day

India-based Chef Vishnu Manohar managed to spread awareness about World Food Day recently when he cooked 3,000 kg of khichdi in a single utensil.

Indian woman immolates herself after husband complains of bland food?

A woman from the Uttar Pradesh state of India reportedly immolated herself recently after being told she had prepared bland food.


Indian woman left husband because she did not like biryani smell

A pregnant Indian woman apparently left her husband because she did not like the biryani smell as he and their son ate it in her presence.