This is how Delhi is about to cut down in food wastage

The Delhi government has told the Supreme Court that it will take some stern — and possibly unpalatable — steps to reduce wastage of food. …

Chef Vishnu Manohar

Chef Vishnu Manohar makes 3,000 kg khichdi in single utensil for World Food Day

India-based Chef Vishnu Manohar managed to spread awareness about World Food Day recently when he cooked 3,000 kg of khichdi in a single utensil.

Indian woman immolates herself after husband complains of bland food?

A woman from the Uttar Pradesh state of India reportedly immolated herself recently after being told she had prepared bland food.


Indian woman left husband because she did not like biryani smell

A pregnant Indian woman apparently left her husband because she did not like the biryani smell as he and their son ate it in her presence.

Star Wars Spoiler Alert: Does Wookie diet include humans? Novelisation hints at dark Chewbacca-Han Solo encounter!

Star Wars Spoiler Alert: There’s a darkness in the manner in which Han Solo and Chewbacca met in Solo: A Star Wars Story. Read to know more.


Why are the French fighting to keep Marseille McDonald’s open?

French residents are fighting to keep the Marseille McDonald’s open, and with good reason! Read to know more about this development.

Newari Meat Platter, Chicken Kurkure have Rahul Gandhi in a soup?

Congress president Rahul Gandhi is in the middle of a row following claims that he ate non-vegetarian food before a holy Hindu pilgrimage.

Ikea fined $160 in India after worm found in food

Global do-it-yourself furniture brand-turned-multi-product company Ikea was recently fined Rs 11,500 – roughly $160 – in India after a customer found a worm in the …

German restaurant looks to create ‘oasis of peace’ with child ban during dinnertime

A German restaurant named Oma’s Kuche has reportedly banned the presence of all children below the age of 14 years in its establishment. This child …


Here is a beer to truly cheer for: Watercress Warrior increases your sex drive!

Beer can make us do a number of things, and has mostly been associated with negative actions. Like the time a woman called 911 for …