What The Fudge?!

Chef Vishnu Manohar

Chef Vishnu Manohar makes 3,000 kg khichdi in single utensil for World Food Day

Indian woman immolates herself after husband complains of bland food?


Indian woman left husband because she did not like biryani smell

Star Wars Spoiler Alert: Does Wookie diet include humans? Novelisation hints at dark Chewbacca-Han Solo encounter!


Why are the French fighting to keep Marseille McDonald’s open?

Newari Meat Platter, Chicken Kurkure have Rahul Gandhi in a soup?

Ikea fined $160 in India after worm found in food

German restaurant looks to create ‘oasis of peace’ with child ban during dinnertime


Here is a beer to truly cheer for: Watercress Warrior increases your sex drive!


From ice cream to protein shakes, is cockroach milk the next superfood?

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