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20 passengers on Delhi-Bhubaneswar Rajdhani fall sick: Bad train food blamed

Bad train food is being blamed after at least 20 people aboard the New Delhi-Bhubaneswar Rajdhani Express fell ill on Sunday, April 7, 2019.

Boy finds razor in McDonalds Happy Meal!

A four-year-old boy in Wisconsin in the US found a razor in McDonalds happy meal, leading to a scare where even the local police got involved!


What is Zomato Review Bounty programme? Bloggers, reviewers can earn up to Rs 50,000 per week!

The new Zomato Review Bounty programme is looking to reward bloggers and reviewers who blow the whistle against paid reviews.

Zomato Project Clampdown: What is it? How does it affect bloggers?

Zomato Project Clampdown is the platform’s effort to weed out practices it deems unethical when it comes to restaurants and their ratings.

Man offers Rs 10 discount on tandoori chicken leg piece if you say ‘Pakistan Murdabad’!

An Indian stall-owner is offering a Rs 10 discount on tandoori chicken leg pieces if you say Pakistan Murdabad!

Paytm Food Delivery looks to take on more established brands

India’s leading mobile wallet service Paytm on Thursday, January 24, announced it was launching Paytm Food Delivery.

Ahmedabad hotels continue to boycott Swiggy and Zomato

Ahmedabad hotels are boycotting Zomato and Swiggy over allegations that the two are asking exorbitant commissions from the eateries.

Why has Bihar banned Andhra fish? Read to know

Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister N Chandrababu Naidu is trying his best to get Andhra fish back on the Bihari plate.

Why does McDonald’s not own the Big Mac trademark in EU anymore?

Global fast food chain McDonald’s recently lost the Big Mac trademark in the European Union, with a patent office ruling against it.

Watch viral video: BSP workers loot Mayawati birthday cake

A viral video posted on Twitter shows members of the Bahujan Samaj party grabbing chunks out of a birthday cake of party chief Mayawati.