Articles by Arkadev Ghoshal

Chef Vishnu Manohar

Chef Vishnu Manohar makes 3,000 kg khichdi in single utensil for World Food Day

What is World Food Day? What is the theme this year?

Indian woman immolates herself after husband complains of bland food?

Virat Kohli gives up meat: What is veganism?


Spain looking to source packaged food and beverages from India?

Chef Kimberly Rozario at the Academy of Pastry Arts

Modern French cuisine is taking over pastry scene in India: Chef Kimberly Rozario


Indian woman left husband because she did not like biryani smell

Star Wars Spoiler Alert: Does Wookie diet include humans? Novelisation hints at dark Chewbacca-Han Solo encounter!


Why are the French fighting to keep Marseille McDonald’s open?

Newari Meat Platter, Chicken Kurkure have Rahul Gandhi in a soup?

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