Domino's Pizza

Domino’s Pizza pays Connecticut man $180,000 after 400 pounds of cheese fell on him

Domino’s Pizza paid an employee $180,000 following an accident in 2016 involving a hand truck full of cheese.

Spring of the people

Sweet Korean diplomacy with mango mousse dessert leaves Japan bitter

It is not often that the two Koreas see eye to eye. Therefore, it came as a huge relief when the North said it would …

Broken eggs

Watch: China truck accident leaves 100,000 broken eggs on the road

A truck accident in the Zhejiang province in eastern China left a large stretch of the road slippery with yolks from broken eggs.

Seva Kitchen

Seva Kitchen at the service of patients and their kin [Photo + Video]

Hospital food isn’t exactly the most palatable variety of food. But when your kin is admitted to a hospital, food is rarely on top of …

Make your summers peachier with some fresh peaches

Like so many fruits, the first peaches were discovered in China during the 10th century BC, and, thanks to early explorers and trade routes, found …


France bans meat names for veggie food items: No more ‘false claims’!

France has banned the use of terms denoting meat items in the marketing of non-meat products. What this means is French establishments using words such …

Home-cooked Indian food

6 reasons to eat home-cooked food more often

Thanks to our increasingly hectic lifestyle, eating has become one of the lesser priorities in life. For example, we eat only when we are meeting …


Hacker who ordered Kadhai Chicken for Re 1 warns of more vulnerabilities

He may have done what many a foodie only dreams of doing. Self-professed ethical hacker Kanishk Sajnani ordered Kadhai Chicken for Re 1 and 2 …


Top 5 issues keeping food processing industries up at night

The Indian food industry is considered to be a sunrise sector because of its large potential for growth and socio-economic impact. It is estimated as …

vegetarian vs non-vegetarian

India’s Health Ministry tries to promote healthier food choices, fails hilariously!

India’s Ministry of Health and Welfare recently got trolled after it shared an image of two faceless women, which seemed to show eating a vegetarian …