Why has Bihar banned Andhra fish? Read to know

Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister N Chandrababu Naidu is trying his best to get Andhra fish back on the Bihari plate.

Why does McDonald’s not own the Big Mac trademark in EU anymore?

Global fast food chain McDonald’s recently lost the Big Mac trademark in the European Union, with a patent office ruling against it.

Watch viral video: BSP workers loot Mayawati birthday cake

A viral video posted on Twitter shows members of the Bahujan Samaj party grabbing chunks out of a birthday cake of party chief Mayawati.

US restaurant named Pho Keene Great stands its grounds over nomenclature

A restaurant in New Hampshire in the US, named Pho Keene Great, is standing its ground over allegations that its name sounds profane.

Hunger and obesity in Latin America and the Caribbean compounded by inequality: UN report

For the third consecutive year, the number of those chronically hungry has increased in Latin America and the Caribbean, while 250 million — 60 percent …

Supreme Court asks Nestle India: Why should we eat Maggi with lead in it?

The Supreme Court on Thursday, January 3, dealt a heavy rebuke to Nestle India, asking it: “Why should we eat Maggi with lead in it?”

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SFO Hotels and Suites owner Srikanth Karkada explains to Times Of Food what it takes to survive in Bengaluru’s restaurant industry.

Chef Dhaval Ajmera

How do you cook something you are allergic to? Chef Dhaval Ajmera explains

Dhaval Ajmera found himself in a quandary when he first realised back in 2004 that he was allergic to shellfish: It could put paid to …

Every bite of burger boosts harmful greenhouse gases and worsens climate: UN environment agency

Even though meat production is known to be a major contributor to climate change and environmental destruction, worldwide demand for meat continues to rise, said …