ice cream

Want some pizza-flavoured ice cream? New York restaurant has you covered!

People across the world have tried to imbue ice cream with every flavour possible. However, some feel that a restaurant in New York may have …

Kid Mai Death Awareness Cafe

Thailand: Kid Mai Death Awareness Cafe lets you sleep in a coffin for discount!

We guess this was just a matter of time. A death-themed cafe has come up in Bangkok, Thailand. However, instead of delivering a morbid message, …

Ambalavayal police station

Indian cops turn police station into vegetable garden, grow 40 kinds of veggies!

They were charged with maintaining law and order. However, the cops at the Ambalavayal police station in South India have a green thumb as well!

Johnny Wimbrey

US restaurants’ racism rows continue: Patron kicked out, ex-employee called N-word

Alleged incidents of racism and racial profiling continue to surface across the United States. In one case, a motivational speaker said he was kicked out …

The royal wedding

British royal wedding has frugal streak: Bring your own food!

The royal wedding is just a fortnight away, but guests have one reason less to look forward to it. It has emerged that the British …


Watch: Texas man bashes in McDonald’s window over biscuits and gravy

The police in the Lubbock county of Texas are on the lookout for a man who attacked a McDonald’s outlet recently.

From Yellow Fever to Pizza Inn, racism rears its head in US restaurants

The United States seems to be witnessing a surge in racist incidents in its eateries. Weeks after two black men were arrested from a Starbucks …


Chinese farmer uses 300 million cockroaches to solve food waste problem!

A farmer in China is reportedly using 300 million cockroaches to solve a local waste food problem.

A dumpyard in India

Are you in Bengal, Bihar, Odisha or Assam? You may have been served carcass meat!

A crackdown carried out by the West Bengal police has blown the lid off a racket that used to supply sell carcass meat in the …

Spring of the people

Sweet Korean diplomacy with mango mousse dessert leaves Japan bitter

It is not often that the two Koreas see eye to eye. Therefore, it came as a huge relief when the North said it would …