Johnny Wimbrey

US restaurants’ racism rows continue: Patron kicked out, ex-employee called N-word

Alleged incidents of racism and racial profiling continue to surface across the United States. In one case, a motivational speaker said he was kicked out …

The royal wedding

British royal wedding has frugal streak: Bring your own food!

The royal wedding is just a fortnight away, but guests have one reason less to look forward to it. It has emerged that the British …


Watch: Texas man bashes in McDonald’s window over biscuits and gravy

The police in the Lubbock county of Texas are on the lookout for a man who attacked a McDonald’s outlet recently.

From Yellow Fever to Pizza Inn, racism rears its head in US restaurants

The United States seems to be witnessing a surge in racist incidents in its eateries. Weeks after two black men were arrested from a Starbucks …


Chinese farmer uses 300 million cockroaches to solve food waste problem!

A farmer in China is reportedly using 300 million cockroaches to solve a local waste food problem.

A dumpyard in India

Are you in Bengal, Bihar, Odisha or Assam? You may have been served carcass meat!

A crackdown carried out by the West Bengal police has blown the lid off a racket that used to supply sell carcass meat in the …

Spring of the people

Sweet Korean diplomacy with mango mousse dessert leaves Japan bitter

It is not often that the two Koreas see eye to eye. Therefore, it came as a huge relief when the North said it would …

Broken eggs

Watch: China truck accident leaves 100,000 broken eggs on the road

A truck accident in the Zhejiang province in eastern China left a large stretch of the road slippery with yolks from broken eggs.


Texas man gets 50-year jail term for stealing fajitas worth $1.2 million

A man in Texas has been handed down a 50-year prison sentence because he stole fajitas worth $1.2 million. A Cameron County court found Gilberto Escamilla …


Indian cop demands pizza and chilli chicken from complainant, suspended

A woman cop from the North Indian state of Uttar Pradesh was suspended from active duty following allegations that she demanded free food, including pizza, …