French fries

Food wars: Russia looks to ban import of French fries from US!

Rising tensions between the US and Russia now have a French connection. A top Russian official has said the country is planning to stop importing …

Whopper Burger

You have to buy a flight ticket to get a Burger King in this country!

“What does a man have to do to get a Whopper around here?” That question may have a very surprising answer in a European country, …

Blue Pasta

Colour us curious: Aussie restaurant woos patrons with blue pasta!

Dr Seuss would have had a field day with this one. Maybe he would have written a sequel to green eggs and ham, centred around …

Tarantula Burger

Eight-legged food: US restaurant serves Tarantula Burger as a challenge!

Tired of your basic burger? Looking to spice things up a bit? Try the Tarantula Burger! It is served by a North Carolina in the …

Steamed buns

Man pays $23,500 for single steamed bun, but can’t be traced!

This Chinese man seems to be an enigma. He paid $23,500 for a single steamed bun, but does not seem keen to get back what …


How far would you go for beer? This Florida woman went to jail!

Beer may have its own draw, And people may go to great lengths to get it. In fact, some researchers believe human agriculture started due …

shoe dessert

Shoe dessert at Benjamin Netanyahu-Shinzo Abe dinner has Japan fuming

Diplomats from both Japan and Israel have expressed concern after it emerged that Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe and his wife were served dessert in …

ice cream

Want some pizza-flavoured ice cream? New York restaurant has you covered!

People across the world have tried to imbue ice cream with every flavour possible. However, some feel that a restaurant in New York may have …

Kid Mai Death Awareness Cafe

Thailand: Kid Mai Death Awareness Cafe lets you sleep in a coffin for discount!

We guess this was just a matter of time. A death-themed cafe has come up in Bangkok, Thailand. However, instead of delivering a morbid message, …

Ambalavayal police station

Indian cops turn police station into vegetable garden, grow 40 kinds of veggies!

They were charged with maintaining law and order. However, the cops at the Ambalavayal police station in South India have a green thumb as well!