Ikea fined $160 in India after worm found in food

Global do-it-yourself furniture brand-turned-multi-product company Ikea was recently fined Rs 11,500 – roughly $160 – in India after a customer found a worm in the …

German restaurant looks to create ‘oasis of peace’ with child ban during dinnertime

A German restaurant named Oma’s Kuche has reportedly banned the presence of all children below the age of 14 years in its establishment. This child …


Here is a beer to truly cheer for: Watercress Warrior increases your sex drive!

Beer can make us do a number of things, and has mostly been associated with negative actions. Like the time a woman called 911 for …


From ice cream to protein shakes, is cockroach milk the next superfood?

Got milk? That famous American advertising campaign to promote consumption of milk may soon be getting a creepy-crawly makeover: Got cockroach milk?


Chinese company fires vice-president who ate pangolin meat

A Chinese company has fired the vice-president of its subsidiaries after he reportedly ate pangolin meat.


Subway outlet closed in India after cockroach found in beverages

A Subway outlet in the Indian city of Hyderabad was closed after local health inspectors conducted a raid there on Thursday, May 17. The raid …


Indian man stabbed to death because he refused to serve goons free food

A food stall owner named Shahbuddin was killed on Friday, May 18, allegedly by goons who wanted him to serve free food. They reportedly attacked …

There’s now a ketchup ice cream, and it’s to honour this celebrity!

Ed Sheeran is one of the most-loved singers across the world now. He may be in for a round of hate, though. An Irish dessert …

Negro the black dog

Watch: Clever dog uses leaves to buy himself treats!

They may be man’s best friend, and looks like they are picking up a trick or two from humans as well! A clever dog in …


Watch: Oklahoma waitress gets $2,000 in tips from truck driver!

The US hospitality industry has of late been the source of several pieces of disheartening news. However, here is one that should light things up …