Industry facing a big challenge from aggregators, says MealBox Inc founder Prateek Pawan

“The restaurant industry is currently facing a big challenge from aggregators, who are offering deep discounts,” said Prateek Pawan, a Bengaluru-based former data scientist. This …


Spain looking to source packaged food and beverages from India?

Some European supermarkets are reportedly looking to source packaged food and beverages from India, and this could start with Spain.


Why are the French fighting to keep Marseille McDonald’s open?

French residents are fighting to keep the Marseille McDonald’s open, and with good reason! Read to know more about this development.

Zomato delisting ‘hundreds of restaurants’ that do not meet quality standards

Food-ordering platform Zomato is delisting “hundreds of restaurants” because of apparently continued complaints of unhygienic conditions prevailing there.

Corona beer owner to invest $4 billion to make marijuana drink

Constellation Brands, the owner of several brands including Corona beer, is reportedly looking to pour in $4 billion into Canadian marijuana-production firm Canopy Growth so the two can together produce a marijuana drink.


Here is a beer to truly cheer for: Watercress Warrior increases your sex drive!

Beer can make us do a number of things, and has mostly been associated with negative actions. Like the time a woman called 911 for …


Watch: McDonald’s hailed for plan to ditch plastic straws

McDonald’s – the iconic fast-food chain that has come out of the US and has become a global phenomenon – is planning to ditch plastic …


Promoting biodiversity across all agricultural sectors ‘fundamental’: FAO chief

Changing how countries across the world produce food is “fundamental” to protecting the future of the Earth’s ecosystem, said the head of the Food and …


Opinion: The first Coca-Cola alcoholic drink is here, and it’s a big deal!

The first range of Coca-Cola alcoholic drinks is here. Three new offerings from arguably the largest soft-drink company in the world are now available in …

Food photo

Food Blogger Tips Part 1: Decide on core offering before starting

With the number of food bloggers and their websites proliferating across the world, it is becoming increasingly important for people to know how to ensure …