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Authorities in Rameswaram in Tamil Nadu have arrested two people whose actions reportedly led to the sale of crow biryani.

The arrests took place on Thursday, January 30, according to a PTI report. The report, however, did not name those who were arrested.

The incident has fuelled memes on social media pertaining to scenes from the Tamil film Run and its Hindi remake.

What happened?

The PTI report said Rameswaram authorities arrested two people who were selling crow meat to chicken stalls.

The stalls would then — knowingly or unknowingly — sell them to eateries mixed with chicken meat.

The eateries would make biryani out of that meat. This meant their customers were eating crow biryani.

The authorities found 150 dead crows on the arrested duo. They said the two would kill the birds by offering them alcohol-laced food.

Thalassery Biryani
In picture: Thalassery Biryani, a part of Malabar cuisine. | Image credit: Wikimedia Commons

The crow biryani connection

Since the news broke, people have taken to social media to share memes about a certain character in a film eating crow biryani and suffering as a result of it.

The film is Run, which starred R Madhavan in the Tamil version and Abhishek Bachchan in the Hindi remake.

The Tamil version sees comedian Vivek play a character who eats roadside biryani costing Rs 5. In the Hindi version, Vijay Raaz makes for a laugh riot in the same scene.

Both films see the characters being told they are eating chicken biryani. Both ask for the leg piece, and complain of the lack of meat on it when given the food.

Subsequently, both start cawing like a crow, and a bystander tells them they have been tricked into eating crow biryani. In Hindi, the bystander is Pankaj Tripathi in one of his earliest roles.

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