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In pucture: Gordon Ramsay. | Image credit: Facebook/Gordon Ramsay official page

Celebrated Scottish-origin chef Gordon Ramsay is reportedly in India — in the state of Kerala, in fact — to learn Malabar cuisine.

Ramsay is apparently in Kannur in northern Kerala to learn local cuisine from chefs and cooks there.

He has shared an Instagram story tagging National Geographic and with the hashtags #Uncharted. The hashtag refers to the name of Ramsay’s show on Nat Geo TV.

Instagram Story
In picture: Instagram story put up by Gordon Ramsay. | Image credit: Screenshot

What we know so far

According to a New Indian Express report, Ramsay is in Kannur to shoot for the show Gordon Ramsay: Uncharted. The show is in the shooting phase of its second season. The first season started airing in July last year.

Ramsay stayed at the Malabar Beach Resort throughout the duration of the shooting. The resort’s manager Stephin Thomas said: “The chef had arrived with a large team at The Malabar Beach Resort, Kannur, in the early hours of Monday.”

He added: “He spent the day shooting the series at the beach and other locations nearby, before leaving for Coorg yesterday (Monday) afternoon.”

However, Ramsay has not said why he was visiting Coorg in Karnataka. Coorg or Kodagu has its own special kind of cuisine, with offerings such as Pandi curry or pork curry.

What is Malabar cuisine?

Malabar cuisine is the food style that developed along the Malabar coast in the southwestern coast of mainland India.

The Kerala Tourism official website says: “This distinctive cuisine has the flavours of Arab, Brahmin, Zamorin and Chirakkal cuisines.” It adds: “Kozhikode and Thalassery are branded as the centres of Malabar cuisine.”

Thalassery Biryani
In picture: Thalassery Biryani, a part of Malabar cuisine. | Image credit: Wikimedia Commons

Here’s what else it says:

Pancakes and steamed rice cakes made from pounded rice are some of the major highlights of Malabar cuisine. You will get a wide range of vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes that carry the distinctive taste and aroma of Malabar cuisine. Malabar food is generally flavored mild and gently cooked. Biriyani (a rice-based main dish made with spices, basmati rice and meat, fish, eggs or vegetables) is another tempting foodstuff of this region.

Biriyani made with mutton, chicken, lamb or prawn prepared in dum method (in which heat is applied both to the top and bottom of the dough-sealed vessel) will always be the most sought-after dish in all hotels and eateries in this region.

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    1. Hi. Thank you for pointing it out. I indeed meant to write Kodagu, but somehow my mind was on Kadu, the Karnataka-origin wine produce by Sula whose sales contribute to preserving wildlife in the region.

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