Zomato Gold and 50% discount for Uber Eats subscribers: Are you eligible?

Zomato Gold

In picture: Zomato Gold on the official website. | Image credit: Screenshot.

Zomato is offering several perks for Uber Eats subscribers ever since acquiring the India arm of Uber’s food delivery platform. One of them is Zomato Gold, free for three months.

The other perk is a 50 percent discount on the bill up to Rs 100. The catch here is the orders have to be placed before February 15.

So, who are eligible for it? The confusion here is due to the fact that there are many people who used both Zomato and Uber Eats India before the former acquired the latter.

Initially, these offers were reportedly valid for those who ordered food from Uber Eats in the past six months. But what about those who were also part of Zomato during this time? Here’s what awaits you.

Extra Zomato Gold?

Zomato Gold is the special subscription-based membership from Zomato. It initially offered free food and drinks to its members at select restaurants.

It has since expanded to delivery options. Zomato, meanwhile, also planned to introduce more perks like special deals and valet parking for Gold subscribers.

It has also been on a drive to get more people to subscribe to Gold membership. As part of this push, it also reduced the annual subscription price by 50 percent from Rs 1,800 to Rs 900 for some time. And, for a limited time, it also offered the membership for as little as Rs 540 per year — a 70 percent discount.

So, will people who already have Zomato Gold get the extra three months of membership if they were onboarded from Uber Eats? The answer is: yes. The existing membership will be increased by three months for such subscribers.

Date or foodie call?
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What about the discount offer?

The second offer, as we have mentioned before, is a 50 percent reduction in the bill up to Rs 100. This offer is valid for minimum orders of Rs 99.

Users, however, will have to place them on or before February 15. And they will get to place three such orders.

This offer is also valid for existing Zomato users who used Uber Eats India in the six months leading to its acquisition.

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