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In picture: Zomato Gold on the official website. | Image credit: Screenshot.

Zomato Gold, the special membership plan from the food-delivery platform, will have more benefits soon. These include special deals over and above what Gold offers now, and services like valet parking.

Zomato founder Deepinder Goyal made the announcement in a blog post on the platform’s official website.

The development comes within months of several restaurants across the country pulling out of the offering.

Goyal said in his blog: “That led us to speak to and collect feedback from hundreds of our Gold partners. Based on the feedback we received, we rolled out some changes to Gold.”

Zomato Gold partners
In picture: Top Zomato Gold partners, according to Zomato. | Image credit: Zomato official blog.

What is Zomato Gold?

Zomato Gold is a membership plan for those who log into the food-delivery platform. The yearly plan initially let people order two dishes for the price of one at select restaurants. Another perk was ordering four drinks for the price of two.

While this was great news for patrons who were Gold members, restaurants did not like it much. One primary reason was that multiple people on a table would use Gold privileges while dining. This meant restaurants were forced to give more food for the same price, which ate into their revenue.

Goyal admitted as much when he wrote on the blog: “A few weeks back, we witnessed a restaurant led push against Zomato Gold, where some restaurants abruptly ‘logged out’ of Gold expressing some dissatisfaction with some user policies of Gold.”

This led Zomato to implement some heavy changes in its Gold membership plans. Some of these have been rolled out over the past two months. And given what Goyal wrote, there’s more to come.

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What’s new with Zomato Gold?

Two changes that Gold has implemented to good effect, according to Goyal, are a maximum of two unlocks per table and one unlock per person per day.

Goyal said the changes showed great improvement in Gold membership numbers. He wrote: “In fact, October has been one of the best months for us for Gold – we have welcomed ~110K new Gold members in India alone – which is the highest number of Gold memberships we have sold so far in a month. [sic]”

But Zomato will not stop here, and is apparently lining up some more services for Gold users. The first among these is called Gold Specials.

Goyal wrote about it: “For our Gold customers, to extend their Gold privileges, we will soon add some special deals and offers from some of the biggest and busiest restaurant names in the industry (all on top of what we already have on Gold).”

He added: “How about free valet parking in the biggest malls? Yes, Gold customers will very soon start to have the privilege of free valet parking in some of their favourite mall properties.”

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