Tomato jewellery

In picture: The Pakistani bride with her tomato jewellery. | Image credit: Screenshot

A woman from Pakistan apparently wore jewellery made of tomatoes for her wedding. The video of she being interviewed is now going viral on social media.

Tomatoes have become expensive in Pakistan, with the prices rising to Rs 320 per kilogram in several parts of the country. That is $2 per kg in US terms and around Rs 250 per kg in Indian money. The prevailing price of tomatoes in the country until recently was Rs 180 per kg.

One of the reasons tomatoes are so expensive in Pakistan is that it has stopped import of the vegetable from countries like Iran and Afghanistan.

Another reason could be the fact that India clamped down on trade with Pakistan following a terrorist attack on Indian troops in February this year. Many Indian farmers also stopped sending tomatoes across the border.

The resulting lack of supply of tomatoes has sent its price soaring in Pakistan. The situation is such that thefts of the vegetable have been reported from tomato farms in the Sindh province. The crimes have reportedly led the farm-owners to employ armed men to guard the produce.

Bride’s tomato jewellery

With the rising prices of tomatoes in Pakistan, the vegetable is also being seen by many as something only the well-off or the rich can afford. It is perhaps a reflection of this that a bride apparently wore them instead of jewellery for her wedding.

She was interviewed on camera with her tomato jewellery. The two-minute-20-second video is now going viral on several social media platforms.

The bride is never named in the video, which was shared on Twitter by Pakistani journalist Naila Inayat. She is introduced in the video as a bride who has foregone gold and diamond jewellery for those made of tomatoes.

She is heard saying during the interview about her parents and relatives: “Someone who has given their daughter tomatoes has given her everything.” She also says in the video that she has been given three cartons of tomatoes for her wedding.

The lack of information on the bride herself and the editing of the video — including some of the sound effects used in it — give the impression that this could be a satirical clip.

Watch the video here:

Similar situation with milk

A similar situation arose in the country in August this year when milk became costlier than petrol or diesel there.

It happened in the run-up to the ritual of mourning during the Islamic month of Muharram. Milk began to be sold at Rs 120-140 per litre, with some charging as much as Rs 150 there.

The rising prices reportedly led to action against those charging exorbitant amounts for milk. Karachi’s city commissioner Iftikhar Shallwani was quoted as saying: “Shops are raided and fines are imposed.”

However, he did not specify exactly what action was taken and against how many shops the action was taken.

[Note: All prices are in Pakistani rupees unless mentioned otherwise.]

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