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The India arm of France-based business-to-business (B2B) catering firm Elior launched the app El Chef on Wednesday, November 13.

The app, aimed at corporates in the country, will look to provide nutritious food timely to employees of its customers, Elior India CEO and Managing Director Sanjay Kumar told Times of Food on Wednesday.

The app is available to only those whose employers become a customer of the services of El Chef, he said.

The app lets its users order food of their choice, which is prepared by kitchens run by Elior itself.

So, what’s different?

Asked how El Chef is different from existing apps in India’s food and foodtech industry, Kumar said none of the others caters to the B2B crowd.

He had another insight to impart. “None of the existing players (in the field) understand B2B operations,” he said.

Yet another way El Chef stands out is it lets its users know the calories in the food they are ordering.

It also lists the allergens present in the food being prepared in its kitchens. This should help users confirm or eliminate the dishes they want to eat.

Elior India CEO and Managing Director Sanjay Kumar
In picture: Elior India CEO and Managing Director Sanjay Kumar. | Image credit: Elior India website.

More about El Chef

Elior India executives explained at the launch that the app also keeps track of when and how much a person is ordering.

This data is then apparently used to determine eating behaviours and by extension reduce food wastage in the kitchen.

Elior, which entered India in 2017, currently has a footprint in 11 cities across the country. These include Bengaluru, Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, and Hyderabad, said Kumar.

Now, with the launch of the El Chef app, people in all 11 of these cities can order from it, he said.

The app will let its users see the full menu for the week, and let them decide well in advance what they want to eat.

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