This US company is offering you $1,000 to buy coffee for one month, but not from Starbucks!


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A US company is offering people $1,000 to buy coffee for a whole month. However, there is a catch: The beverage cannot be from Starbucks!

While Starbucks is almost synonymous with coffee-related beverages in most countries, this offer is making a special effort to get patrons to avoid them.

Here is everything you need to know about the scheme in case you are interested in some quality java. proposal

The proposal to offer $1,000 for a month of Starbucks-free coffee comes from US-based consulting firm

On its offer page, says it is “all about supporting local small businesses.”

It adds: “So over the next six months, we’ll pay three lucky people to drink coffee, buy holiday gifts, and eat pizza.”

It explains: “Each job gets you $1,000 and a feature on the blog — not to mention the satisfaction of supporting small-business owners.”

A quarter of that amount will be sent at the beginning of the month. The rest will reportedly be given at the end of the month.

The applications for the job are open till September 30. The full details of the offer are available here.

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Why no Starbucks?

It seems is looking to wean people away from national or multinational chains and turn them towards local coffee shops.

According to a report in Insider, people chosen for this offer will have to visit at least eight coffee shops.

There, they will record “important elements of their experiences such as cost, quality, customer service, and average wait time” on social media platforms.

“The objective is to get people to drink more coffee in local shops and to support the local economy,” said the Insider report.

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