Restaurants, delivery apps are increasingly switching to plastic-free eco-friendly food packaging

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India in general and Bengaluru in particular is seeing a rising trend in the implementation of plastic-free eco-friendly food packaging from restaurants as well as food delivery platforms.

On one hand, apps such as Uber Eats, Zomato, and Swiggy have already switched to packaging their food in paper bags.


On the other hand, restaurants and localised delivery services are also opting for plastic-free options when it comes to packaging their products.

Here’s how they are doing it.

The big corporations

The current big three of India’s food delivery apps — Zomato, Swiggy, and and Uber Eats — have not formally announced a change in packaging.

However, they have already started using brown paper bags for their deliveries.

This, even as a petition on has asked Swiggy to do away with single-use plastic for their deliveries.

Similar petitions have been signed all over the world to urge multi-national corporations like McDonald’s and Burger King to do away with plastic in their stores.

The smaller ones

Standalone companies and cloud kitchens are also cutting down on single-use plastic when it comes to delivery.

Prateek Pawan, the founder of the cloud-kitchen-based services Maa Bhook Lagi (MBL) and The Paratha Company, has opted for greener solutions for both his Bengaluru-based companies.

“We moved to paper packaging and reusable plastics only from last month,” he told Times of Food.

Bengaluru-based Chef Jinnendra Gowda has similar plans for his juice-and-shake outlet, which will soon be rebranded to Livin’ on Liquids.

He told Times of Food that the idea of delivering juices and shakes in eco-friendly containers came to him when bottles began piling up at home as he kept ordering juices from other outlets.

So, instead of glass bottles, Livin’ on Liquids will deliver juices and shakes in tetrapaks or disposable single-use containers, he said.

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