Children petition McDonald’s, Burger King to do away with plastic toys

Plastic toys

In picture: Plastic toys offered with McDonald's Happy Meals. | Image credit: Screenshot

An online petition by two children asking McDonald’s, Burger King to do away with plastic toys has received more than 330,000 signatures.

The children identify themselves as nine-year-old Ella and seven-year-old Caitlin in the petition. They aim to gather half a million signatures on the petition.


“Please help us get Burger King and McDonald’s to listen to us by signing our petition to help the environment,” they have said in the text attached to it.

What the petition says

The online petition, possibly put up by parents or guardians of the children about seven months ago, says: “We are Ella and Caitlin aged 9 and 7, and we’ve been learning all about the environment at school and the problem of plastic. It made us very sad to see how plastic harms wildlife and pollutes the ocean, and we want to change this.”

It adds: “That’s why we want Burger King and McDonald’s to think of the environment and stop giving plastic toys with their kids meals.”

The children say about the toys: “We like to go to eat at Burger King and McDonald’s, but children only play with the plastic toys they give us for a few minutes before they get thrown away and harm animals and pollute the sea.”

They then say about their intention: “We want anything they give to us to be sustainable so we can protect the planet for us and for future generations.”

However, possibly the biggest statement from them in the petition is an indictment of corporate greed.

It comes in the next paragraph, and has the children saying: “It’s not enough to make recyclable plastic toys – big, rich companies shouldn’t be making toys out of plastic at all.”

A screenshot of the petition.

Corporate take on plastic toys

McDonald’s, it may be noted, had earlier said that its plastic toys can be recycled. In fact, McDonald’s Japan last year even introduced plastic trays made from recycled toys.

Also, last year, McDonald’s was praised for its plan to do away with plastic straws.

However, the girls seem to want something even better. They are calling for the two multinational fast-food giants to entirely do away with the plastic toys.

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