Delhi man stops Shatabdi Express so his mom can finish breakfast

In picture: The Shatabdi Express. [Representational image] | Image credit: Wikimedia Commons

A man from New Delhi has been accused of pulling the chain of the Shatabdi Express so his mother could finish her breakfast.

The incident reportedly happened on the New Delhi-Bhopal Shatabdi Express on Sunday, June 30.

The man has since been booked under relevant sections of the law because chain-pulling is for emergencies only.

Shatabdi Express comes to a halt

According to a Hindustan Times report, the incident took place as the New Delhi-Bhopal Shatabdi Express approached Mathura in Uttar Pradesh on Sunday.

The accused has been identified as one Manish Arora, a resident of East Delhi. He was travelling with his mother and another relative in the C-8 compartment of the train.

His mother had been served breakfast in Delhi, and she had not finished it by the time Mathura was approaching.

Mathura Railway Protection Force (RPF) station house officer CB Prasad was quoted by the report as saying: “Manish chose to pull the chain and make it halt for extra minutes before they got down.”

This was just so that his mother could finish his breakfast, the authorities would subsequently ascertain.

indian railways
In picture: Food served in trains by Indian railways. [Representational image] | Picture credit: Twitter/RailMinIndia

What fate awaits Manish Arora?

The chains placed in train compartments — both local and long-distance — for passengers to pull in cases of emergency.

However, anyone pulling the chain without a valid reason may be fined as much as Rs 10,000, and also face jail time of six months to one year. That is the kind of punishment Manish may be given.

Prasad said of him: “Manish Arora was booked for unauthorised interference in the conduct of railways. He was granted bail and allowed to go with his mother and another relative.”

Manish Arora, who has been booked under Section 141 of the Railways Act, may now face jail time if he does not pay the penalty placed on him by the due date, said Prasad.

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