Mariah Carey cake

This was supposed to be a Mariah Carey cake. | Image credit: Twitter/Harriet Alida Lye

Birthday surprises are always welcome, but one woman in England seems to have got more than she bargained for when she asked for a Mariah Carey cake.

Now, bakers have been known to make mistakes on what to put on cakes, but this one all but literally took the cake!

And the mistake has since gone viral, with people all across the world wishing the birthday girl. What’s more, even Mariah Carey got into the act and wished the woman for her birthday.

What happened to the Mariah Carey cake?

It all started a week ago when Harriet Alida Lye tweeted the photo of a cake that was supposed to carry the photo of Mariah Carey.

The cake was meant for her cousin, who has so far been identified by just her first name: Siobhan.

It seems there was some miscommunication when Siobhan asked a colleague at the charity she volunteers to bake a birthday cake for her.

The result was a cake that featured the face of Marie Curie, the two-time Nobel Prize-winner from Poland!

See the original post by Harriet here:

How the internet reacted

The mistake tickles different people in different ways. While some waxed nerdy, others were straight up supportive and simply happy about it!

One user wrote: “This cake is so tasty, its half-life is only 1.5 seconds!” The reference, of course, was to the radioactive materials Marie Curie worked on, and their rate of decay.

Others petitioned Mariah Carey to respond. And given by Harriet’s next tweet, it seems the Grammy-winning hitmaker obliged!

In a third tweet, Harriet even posted a photo of Siobhan’s reaction to the cake. See it here:

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