Tata Cha launches Monsoon Menu to ‘evoke nostalgia’

Keema Pav

In picture: Keema Pav, one of the three items in the new Monsoon Menu of Tata Cha. | Image credit: Times Of Food/Arkadev Ghoshal

Tata Cha, the out-of-home beverage arm of Tata Global Beverages, on Saturday, June 22, launched its Monsoon Menu across Bengaluru.

The primary aim of the items on this menu was to “evoke nostalgia” in patrons, a company executive told Times of Food.

Tata Cha, whose first outlet opened in Bengaluru in 2017, is currently limited to the city, catering to people in six locations.

However, this new menu — which consists of dishes from all across India — could be a signal of the company experimenting with different tastes to test regional palates.

What’s new in the Tata Cha Monsoon Menu?

The three new items in the menu had been finalised after searching all of India for food that would make the Tata Cha’s target demographic nostalgic for food they usually consume during monsoon, the aforementioned Tata Cha executive explained.

The first item on the menu is Litti Chokha, the comfort food from Bihar-Jharkhand.

The second is Keema Pav — spicy minced-chicken curry with buns — that is a staple in many a Mumbai eatery, especially in the Irani cafes that dot the metropolis. It is also the only non-vegetarian dish to be introduced as part of the Monsoon Menu.

The third is Chickpea Sundal, a dish from Tamil Nadu that is also often used as an offering to deities.

In picture: A board outside the Tata Cha outlet in Indiranagar, Bengaluru, advertises the new Monsoon Menu. | Image credit: Times Of Food/Arkadev Ghoshal

Other things to know

The price range of all these dishes is from Rs 100 to Rs 170, which is almost on a par with the other dishes available from Tata Cha.

The company executive also said that the Litti and Pav served with the Chokha and Keema, respectively, are breads made from whole wheat.

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