New from Kellogg’s: Beer made from discarded Coco Pops and Rice Krispies!


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Cereal-maker Kellogg’s is going to come out with at least two new varieties of beer that will be made from discarded cereals!

According to a report in the Sun, this is part of a new Kellogg’s initiative to attain sustainability.


It works by turning rejected cereal, that would otherwise be fed to animals or simply discarded, into beer.

Beer from cereals?

Kellogg’s as a company is believed to be either stuck in a rut or evolving from it, depending on which market-watcher you ask.

This initiative is expected to reduce wastage at the packaging level, and also earn the company some bucks from the sale of beer, which for the moment is taking place only in the UK.

The cereals being used are Coco Pops or cornflakes that are either too big or too small to be packaged. They could also be discoloured or overcooked Rice Krispies.

All of these will be mashed up to make the beer, so appearance or size will not matter. Kellogg’s has tied up with Seven Bro7hers Breweries in Manchester in the UK to make these beers.

Kellogg’s beer names

The Coco Pops will be used to make Sling It Out Stout beer. The beer made from Rice Krispies will be called Cast Off Pale Ale.

Both of these beers will have an alcohol-by-volume (ABV) content of 5.5 percent. They will be sold at 440-ml cans and will cost £2.79 each.

The Sun report claims that the cereals will impart notes of sweetness to the beer. It also says these will not be limited-edition beers.

However, an Instagram post from the official handle of Kellogg’s UK says that both these beers will be limited edition.

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