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A man in Delhi who found an insect in his McDonald’s burger five years ago has been awarded Rs 70,000 compensation by the local district forum.

The incident occurred in a Noida outlet of the multinational fast food chain that has the tagline “I’m Loving It.”

This is not the first time such an incident has happened in India. Only last year, a newly-opened Ikea outlet in Hyderabad was under scrutiny after a worm was found in the food.

Insect in McDonald’s burger

The man who has been awarded the compensation has been identified as one Sandeep Saxena, a resident of East Delhi.

A report in the Times of India says he was visiting a mall in Noida when the incident happened on July 10, 2014.

Saxena reportedly took one bite of the burger he had ordered and found an insect in it. He immediately felt ill and was rushed to hospital. He also vomited several times.

Meanwhile, the manager of the McDonald’s outlet was informed of the incident.

[Representational image] | Picture credit: Creative Commons

The fallout

Following the incident, Saxena complained to the police and the district magistrate’s office. They subsequently sent the burger for testing.

The local office of the Food Safety and Medicine Administration would later deem the burger “unsafe” for human consumption.

The local district forum has now asked McDonald’s to compensate Saxena more than Rs 70,000.

Of this, Rs 50,000 is for the mental agony caused to Saxena, Rs 20,000 is for the cost of litigation, and Rs 895 is the cost of his treatment.

McDonald’s has reportedly been given 60 days to pay the amount, failing which it will have to pay a 9-percent interest on the total compensation as well.

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