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Food delivery platform Swiggy on Monday, June 3, launched a new app to deliver homestyle food to customers. Called Swiggy Daily, it reportedly aims to deliver “simple, homestyle meals made by home chefs.”

What’s more, the company is offering a 20-percent discount on all orders placed within the first month of its existence!

The service is currently available to residents of Gurgaon aka Gurugram. It is expected to spread to the entire National Capital Region (NCR) and then the rest of the country in the next few months.

What is Swiggy Daily?

According to a blog post on the Swiggy official website on Monday, Swiggy Daily is “an all-new app from the house of Swiggy that ticks all the right boxes.”

It went on to explain: “Simple, homestyle meals? Check. Hassle-free delivery? Check. Features that let you change your mind whenever you want? Check. Affordable? Check. Mom-approved? Double check.”

Banner advertising Swiggy Daily. | Image courtesy: Swiggy official blog

It added: “Swiggy Daily is now available in Gurgaon and will expand to the rest of NCR and other cities soon.”

The post also said: “In the coming months, the menu will also include snacks, beverages and cut fruits.”

It also called the app “Tinder for homestyle food delivery.”

What are its features?

The Swiggy Daily app is currently available in the Google Play store for Android phones. Swiggy is reportedly working to roll it out on the iOS platform for Apple iPhones soon.

Meanwhile, the blog post put forth a helpful summation of all the services offered through Swiggy Daily in Too-Long-Didn’t-Read (TL;DR) format.

Read it here:

The services offered by Swiggy Daily. | Image courtesy: Swiggy official blog

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