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Milk is considered an important part of the human diet. Hence, World Milk Day is celebrated every year to focus on the importance of milk and the milk industry.

The celebration takes place on June 1 every year. It all started in 2001, when the United Nations (UN) asked the Food and Agriculture Organisation (FAO) to give milk the recognition as an important global food.

Since then, “many countries spread throughout the world have participated in the celebrations [of World Milk Day] and the number is growing each year,” according to the FAO official website.

About World Milk Day

Why organise a World Milk Day at all? According to the FAO Website: “The day provides an opportunity to focus attention on milk and to publicise activities connected with milk and the milk industry.”

It adds: “The fact that many countries choose to do this on the same day lends additional importance to individual national celebrations and shows that milk is a global food.”

According to the World Milk Day official website, the day also “celebrates the important contributions of the dairy sector to sustainability, economic development, livelihoods and nutrition.”

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When is World Milk Day 2019?

World Milk Day is usually observed on June 1 every year since 2001. According to the FAO, the date was chosen “because a number of countries were already celebrating a national milk day on or around this time.”

It adds: “Late May was originally proposed, but some countries, for example China, felt they already had too many celebrations in that month.”

It also says: “While most countries hold their celebrations on 1st June, some choose to hold them a week or so before or after this date.”

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