Why has Bihar banned Andhra fish? Read to know

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Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister N Chandrababu Naidu is trying his best to get Andhra fish back on the Bihari plate.

His efforts come after Bihar, earlier this month, banned the sale of fish from Andhra Pradesh for 15 days.


Now, Naidu is saying that checks and balances are being put in place to prevent the very thing that led to the ban.

Fish, it may be noted, is a common source of protein for non-vegetarians in Bihar.

What got Andhra fish banned in Bihar?

It all started towards the middle of this month when samples taken from fish coming from Andhra Pradesh into Bihar were tested in labs for safety.

The tests showed certain consignments of fish coming from the South Indian state contained formalin, a toxic chemical.

This led Bihar to ban the sale and storage of Andhra fish in the state for 15 days.

After Bihar imposed the ban, even neighbouring Jharkhand, which was once a part of Bihar, raised similar concerns.

Read to know what led Bihar to ban the storage and sale of Andhra fish in the state for 15 days, and what Andhra Pradesh is doing about it.
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What is formalin?

Formalin is one of the many chemicals used by unscrupulous fish dealers to increase the shelf life of fish.

Consumption of formalin in smaller amounts may lead to coughing, nausea and irritation of the eyes, nose and throat.

Formalin is also a known carcinogen, meaning its continued consumption might lead to cancer.

Naidu, however, has reportedly denied the presence of formalin in any fish in Andhra Pradesh.

In a letter to his Bihar counterpart Nitish Kumar, he said his state has raided many fish dealers but formalin was not detected in samples from them. He urged Kumar to take similar steps in Bihar to find out who were responsible for sullying the image of the Andhra fisheries industry.

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