US restaurant named Pho Keene Great stands its grounds over nomenclature

A US restaurant named Pho Keene Great in New Hampshire is standing its ground on the nomenclature.

The name, which it admits is a double entendre, had come under fire City Manager Elizabeth Dragon, who thought it was offensive.

Dragon also wanted a sign placed on the upcoming restaurant removed because of the profane-sounding name. The management of the Vietnamese food restaurant has complied with this.

What’s wrong with Pho Keene Great?

The restaurant, as its management explained in a press statement released on Saturday, January 5, is a double entendre.

Pho is one of the most famous dishes of Vietnam, and pronounced “fuh.” Keene is the name of the city where the restaurant is located. Together, the two words may sound like a profanity.

The restaurant management, meanwhile, said about the name: “The double entendre was derived at innocently and yes, there is a back story for another time.”

It added: “The goal was to bring people together by offering specialized cocktails and craft beers along with great French-Vietnamese food to an area that was deficient in cultural diversity. It was that simple. No offense was ever intended.”

The sign outside the proposed location of Pho Keene Greate. The sign has since been removed. | Picture credit: Facebook/Pho Keene Great official page

 So, what happens now?

The restaurant management is not keen to change the eatery’s name, according to the aforementioned statement.

“[W]e do not have any plans on changing our business name. We have spent many thousands of dollars investing in this venture because we believed in every aspect of our concept and that includes the branding and marketing of our business name,” it said.

It added that the eatery is set to open on the pre-scheduled date of March 1, 2019. It also said it would “like the blessings of Keene City government to have an exterior sign with our business name on it.”

The restaurant management also claimed it had been receiving support from all across the world.

“We have received tremendous support not just in the United States, but, world-wide: Afghanistan, Australia, Canada, UK, Hong Kong. People are reaching out to us on every conceivable level and we are grateful. As you can see, we put Keene back on the map and hope to see you in March,” it said.

Read the full statement here:

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