In picture: A delivery executive wearing a Zomato t-shirt was caught on video eating from orders meant for customers. | Image credit: Screenshot

Many people came in for a rude shock on Monday, December 10, when the video of a man in a Zomato T-shirt committing food-tampering surfaced on the internet.

As it went viral, it caught the attention of Zomato as well, which said in a statement about the incident that it has a “a zero-tolerance policy for tampering of food.”

Nevertheless,various comments on social media show that people are now more circumspect about ordering food online, for fear that some mouthfuls of their food may mysteriously go missing.

The incident

It all started when a middle-aged man, as yet unidentified, was apparently caught on camera eating food from a container meant for delivery.

What made matters worse was that not only was he wearing a T-shirt with the branding of Zomato — one of India’s largest online food-ordering platforms — on it.

The video, which is two minutes and 37 seconds long, showed the man first eating out of one container,then sealing it up, and then taking out another container to eat from it as well.

He then proceeded to use some seal tape to close the bags the food containers were in, before getting ready to drive away.

Watch the video here:

Zomato responds to ‘food-tampering’

Zomato was quick to respond. It admitted in a blog post that the man seen in the video was indeed associated with it. It also said the incident had taken place in Madurai.

However, there is no official word on when it happened or was recorded. Zomato also did not divulge the name of the individual.

It, however, said in a blog post: “The person in the video happened to be a delivery partner on our fleet. We have spoken to him at length — and while we understand that this was a human error in judgement, we have taken him off our platform.”Zomato also said it would “soon introduce tamper-proof tapes, and other precautionary measures to ensure we add an extra layer of safeguard against such behaviour.”

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