Indian woman immolates herself after husband complains of bland food?

A woman from the Uttar Pradesh state of India reportedly immolated herself recently after being told she had prepared bland food.

The incident is believed to have taken place on the night of Thursday, October 11. It was reported to the police, who started interrogation.

During this interrogation, her husband Dinesh Kumar reportedly told the police she had put an inadequate amount of alt in the food. This led to an altercation and her suicide, he said.

The girl’s family, however, have another version of events, reports the Times of India. According to the report, they have filed and FIR saying her husband and in-laws burnt her to death.

Bland food to blame?

Food being the reason for marital tiffs have not exactly been uncommon in India. Only last month did it come to light that a woman had run away from her husband because of the smell of the biryani he was consuming.

This case, however, seems to be a little different. According to the husband of the deceased, identified as one Pinki, they quarrelled over food, and he chided her over the quantity of salt in the food he had cooked.

It was then that she poured kerosene on her and set herself on fire, said Dinesh. She reportedly died in the spot.

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Dowry harassment angle

Pinki’s father, however, had a different story to tell. He was quoted by the local report as saying: “My son-in-law used to beat her for dowry. My daughter gave birth to a baby girl first time. After this, Dinesh and his family members started taunting her and treated her badly.”

He added: “Second time also, my daughter gave birth to a baby girl. After this, the behaviour of her in-laws became very rude. They started beating her and demanded dowry.”

He also said: “Third time she gave birth to a baby boy who is one and a half years old now. This time around they again asked for more dowry. When we failed to fulfil their demand, they killed my daughter.”

The police on Friday registered an FIR on his insistence. They were quoted by the local report as saying that “a case of murder for dowry against Dinesh Kumar, his father Umrav Singh, Dinesh’s brother Anil Kumar, sister-in-law Usha, mother Munni Devi, sister Mamata and nephew Dixit Kumar.”

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