Zomato delisting ‘hundreds of restaurants’ that do not meet quality standards

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Food-ordering platform Zomato is delisting “hundreds of restaurants” because of apparently continued complaints of unhygienic conditions prevailing there.

Founder Deepinder Goyal took to Twitter to announce this Zomato delisting on Tuesday, September 4.

He tweeted out his statement along with an image that apparently showed Zomato values quality over quantity.

See the tweet here:

The big Zomato delisting

Goyal, in his statement on Zomato’s official blog, claimed that while the platform strives to put its best foot forward, some restaurants may be letting it down.

“As a result, starting today, we are de-listing hundreds of restaurants from our food ordering platform for not being compliant to Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI) regulations,” said Goyal in the statement.

“As a user, if you feel that the quality or hygiene of any restaurant/meal you had was subpar, you can/must write a constructive review on Zomato,” he added about the Zomato delisting.

“All of us are well aware that everybody checks a restaurant’s Zomato rating before going to a new place or ordering in food. Unbeknownst to you, your review goes a long way in making sure that only the best restaurant businesses are able to succeed.”

How does FSSAI figure in all of this?

The restaurants being delisted by Zomato have apparently not been able to furnish their FSSAI clearances to the platform, which has resulted in this action.

Goyal said in his statement: “As you must know by now, we take hygiene very seriously; so much so we introduced Food Hygiene Ratings last year; an initiative that is being embraced by the restaurant community. For us, it’s a matter of taking the right call because at the end of the day, the wellbeing of our users matters immensely to us.”

He added that Zomato had introduced the Food Hygiene Awards last year in conjunction with FSSAI, something that the restaurant community had apparently embraced.

What happens now?

Interestingly, all is not lost for the restaurants that are being delisted because they failed the FSSAI standards.

Goyal said about in his statement about the Zomato delisting: “As and when these restaurants provide us their FSSAI licences, we will enable them for online ordering services.”

He added: “Some restaurants who were not able to furnish their FSSAI licences have high Zomato ratings and/or high repeat order volumes on Zomato – we have given them until the end of this month to furnish their licences to us.”

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