Here is a beer to truly cheer for: Watercress Warrior increases your sex drive!


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Beer can make us do a number of things, and has mostly been associated with negative actions. Like the time a woman called 911 for a “medical emergency” that turned out to be a beer run, and ended up in jail for it. However, this new beer called Watercress Warrior promises to be quite positive: It claims to increase the drinker’s sex drive!

This beer is currently available in the UK alone, which is also the only place it is manufactured.

And there is no official word on whether the Cerne Abbas Brewery in Dorset in the UK, where the beer is made, plans to market it globally.

What is the Watercress Warrior?

The beer called Watercress Warrior comes in a 500 ml bottle and contains 4.5 percent alcohol, according to the Cerne Abbas Brewery official website.

The company describes it as “that rare and special thing formed when the finest ingredients of UK watercress, mineral-rich spring water and Flyer hops combine to provide a ‘sharp slap around the chops’ followed by a ‘floral cuddle’ to make up.”

It also claims: “A celebration of ancient health associations connect our iconic Giant to the Cerne Abbas Monastery where monks traditionally grew watercress for its medicinal properties. We feel pretty sure they would approve of this heavenly drop.”

The Watercress Warrior label
In picture: The Watercress Warrior label. Picture credit: Cerne Abbas Brewery official website.

The aphrodisiac properties

Watercress is an aquatic plant that is known to increase virility. Interestingly, virility is also one of the qualities projected by the logo of the Cerne Abbas Brewery, which is a giant naked man with an upright penis.

Vic Irvine, head brewer at Cerne Abbas Brewery, was quoted by the Bournemouth Echo as saying: “We love a challenge and were fascinated by the prospect of a watercress beer when The Watercress Company approached us [to make this beer as part of a tie-up].”

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