From ice cream to protein shakes, is cockroach milk the next superfood?


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Got milk? That famous American advertising campaign to promote consumption of milk may soon be getting a creepy-crawly makeover: Got cockroach milk?


That insects are a high source of protein has been known for a long time. In fact, some scientists and futurists even posit that insects are the food of the future.

However, a few companies seem to be taking it to the next level by promoting cockroach milk. Why? Because some scientists think it is the next superfood — a successor to the likes of acai berries and spirulina!

The study that got the ball rolling

It was a 2016 report published in an open-access peer-reviewed journal that seemed to have opened the floodgates into cockroach milk research.

The journal, IUCrJ, belongs to the International Union of Crystallography. The study being discussed was published in its July 2016 edition. It looked into the qualities of the milk of the Pacific Beetle cockroach that are found in Hawaii.

The study said: “A single crystal is estimated to contain more than three times the energy of an equivalent mass of dairy milk.”

It added: “This unique storage form of nourishment for developing embryos allows access to a constant supply of complete nutrients.”

cockroach milk
Milkroach, a company that sells cockroach milk. Picture credit: Milkroach official website.

Growing market for cockroach milk

With that study making a case for cockroach milk, companies like Gourmet Grubb are looking to cash in on the trend for milk extracted from insects.

The company says on its website: “We want to redefine the way people think of eating insects.” It adds: “We want to challenge the way people perceive insects as a novelty food source and create a new ideology.”

While Gourmet Grubb sells ice cream made from insect milk, Milkroach is offering milk as well as protein shakes made from cockroach milk.

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