Food Blogger Tips Part 1: Decide on core offering before starting

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With the number of food bloggers and their websites proliferating across the world, it is becoming increasingly important for people to know how to ensure that their site gets better visibility on the internet.


Thus, Times Of Food is starting a series of weekly articles on Food Blogger Tips, interviewing various people in the industry.

For the next few weeks, we have with us Nayana Natarajan, a marketing and communications consultant based out of Bengaluru who has international experience in food marketing.

Every Tuesday, she will reach out to bloggers with tips and tricks to improve their blogs and websites.

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This week, it is about structure and content. Here is what she has to say about them:

Tip 1: What is the core offering?

Natarajan told Times Of Food that one of the first things a blogger must know when starting a blog is what their core offering is going to be. The core offering here is what the blog plans to focus on.

“It cannot be about anything and everything,” said Natarajan. It has to be about something specific, like “healthy recipes, rich and decadent desserts, or based on a location,” she explained.

Tip 2: How is the blog structured?

The structure of a blog may come into play in two places. The first, explained Natarajan, is how the website looks and feels. Like, does it have easy navigation? This is important because it ensures a smooth experience for the reader.

The second place where structure matters is within the blog posts themselves. “For example, a recipe should clearly mention things like cooking time, prep time and ingredients,” said Natarajan.

It is also important to check if all the ingredients have been mentioned in the recipe. “Sometimes bloggers forget some ingredients, which is a mistake. And it is a disaster if they forget a key ingredient or two,” explained Natarajan.

Another way structuring a blog post helps is if every step is mentioned separately, with supporting visuals. This helps readers and enthusiasts follow and replicate the recipe easily, said Natarajan.

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