There’s now a ketchup ice cream, and it’s to honour this celebrity!

Ketchup-flavoured ice cream by Gelati. Picture credit: Instagram/Gelati

Ed Sheeran is one of the most-loved singers across the world now. He may be in for a round of hate, though. An Irish dessert parlour has made a ketchup ice cream in his “honour”!

The 27-year-old English singer has publicly professed his love for ketchup — more specifically for the Heinz brand.

He even has the Heinz logo tattooed on the inside of his left upper arm. And the tattoo is often visible on his photos.

Ed Sheeran
In picture: Ed Sheeran’s Heinz Tomato Ketchup tattoo. Picture credite: Instagram/Teddy’s Photos

Gelati’s ketchup-flavoured ice cream contains this brand of ketchup, along with milk that is sourced locally and pasteurised in the house.

Ketchup ice cream from Gelati

Gelati serves what is claims is “artisan ice cream” at its two outlets in Enniscrone and Ballina in Ireland.

An Instagram handle associated with the parlour tweeted out photos of the ketchup ice cream a few days ago.

One of the photos was accompanied by the caption: “We @gelati_icecream decided to welcome Ed Sheeran back to Ireland by creating his favourite flavour : Tomato ketchup!! Drop in for a free Ketchup cone if attending the concert ❗ [sic]”

A second photo had the caption: “Everyone knows there’s no ketchup like Heinz, and there’s no ice cream like Gelati’s? Fancy a taste of Ed Sheeran’s fav?!?❤ [sic]”

Apparently, the process to come up with the recipe was not entirely easy. Gelati owner Michael O’ Dowd was quoted by People magazine as saying: “It took a few attempts to balance the recipe. Otherwise it would melt straight away.”

Other weird ice cream flavours

Ketchup is not the only weird flavour of ice cream around. Bruno Pizza, an eatery in New York, recently came out with a pizza-flavoured ice cream. The flavour is actually pizza crust, to be honest.

Demian Repucci, who owns the restaurant, said about this interesting offering: “It tastes toasty, malty, a little sweet.”

The ice cream costs $5 per dollop, bot Repucci likes to serve it on a cinnamon-sugar pizza. “I’m a huge fan of Cinnamon Toast Crunch cereal. It reminds me of that,” he said of this interesting pairing.

ice cream
Pizza crust-flavoured ice cream by Bruno Pizza. Picture credit: Instagram/Bruno Pizza official handle.

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