Watch: Clever dog uses leaves to buy himself treats!

Negro the black dog

They may be man’s best friend, and looks like they are picking up a trick or two from humans as well! A clever dog in Colombia has been using leaves to buy himself some treats for five years now!

That dogs can be extremely clever and empathetic has been proved time and again. Possibly the poster boy of canine empathy is Hachiko, the Akita who waited for more than a decade outside a railway station in Japan for his human to return.

Unfortunately, the owner had died of a heart attack, and never returned. Hachiko died waiting for him in 1935, and was commemorated with a brass statue. Hachiko and his master were “reunited” when a statue of them together was unveiled.

The tale of Negro

If that tale brought tears to your eyes, this new one will warm your heart. Because this is the story named Negro — the Spanish word for “black” — who seems to have figured out how money works.

Negro has been a constant at the Diversified Technical Education Institute of Monterrey Casanare in Colombia for five years now. And he seems to have understood how money works.

Negro is often seen exchanging dry leaves for treats at an on-campus cafe frequented by students. And the staff at the cafe give him some canine-friendly treats for his leaves.

Negro and Angela Garcia Bernal
In picture: Negro with Angela Garcia Bernal. Picture credit: Facebook/Angela Garcia Bernal

Clever dog figured out economics!

Angela Garcia Bernal, a teacher at the Colombian institute where Negro stays, explained how the dog came to learn about exchanging things for food.

“He would go to the store and watch the children give money and receive something in exchange,” she was quoted by The Dodo as saying.

“Then one day, spontaneous, he appeared with a leaf in his mouth, wagging his tail and letting it be known that he wanted a cookie,” she said.

However, the cafe is a little strict. Its workers have limited Negro’s transactions to only two per day.

“When you first see it, you almost want to cry. He’s found a way to make himself understood. He’s very intelligent,” said Bernal.

We will let you judge that for yourself:

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