Watch: Another racist incident at a US cafe, but manager is being lauded for her actions!

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Incidents of racism in the US hospitality industry are being reported every day. However, the latest one to surface is resulting in some praise for how the manager of a California-based cafe handled the situation.

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The incident is believed to have taken place on Friday, May 11, at an outlet of The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf.

The video of the incident – shot by a Muslim woman – has now surfaced online. It was journalist CJ Werleman who put it on Twitter on Saturday. The clip has since gone viral.

Customer was being ‘very racist’

The video, which is 1 minute and 34 seconds long, shows a white man hurling what can definitely be deemed as racist comments.

The video begins with the man apparently repeating himself: “I said, is this Halloween or something?” It is believed he was commenting about the woman’s burqa.

Asked why he would say something like that, the man shoots back: “Why wouldn’t I?” As she presses him further, he says: “Because I want to.”

She then asks him if he knows she is a Muslim. He replies in the affirmative. She asks him what the problem is with that. He answers: “I don’t like it, that’s why. I don’t like your religion, it says to kill me, and I don’t want to be killed. How’s that?”

As the verbal pow-wow escalates, she points to certain teachings in the Bible. He cuts her off somewhere in the middle and says: “I don’t have any kind of conversation with idiots.”

As she accuses him of committing hate speech, another patron at the cafe is heard shouting at the man to leave the woman alone and that he was being racist.

The man eventually leaves the shop because the manager of the outlet refuses to serve him. The woman. Still recording, asks her why she did not serve him. The manager replies: “Because he is disrupting a public place and being very racist.”

Watch the full clip here: [Warning: Offensive language]

Comparisons with Starbucks incident

Twitter has over the past few days hailed the actions of the supervisor. She is being seen as the complete opposite of the Starbucks manager from Philadelphia who last month got two black men arrested because they were waiting in the establishment for a third person.

The police arrived and actually arrested the two black men. The video of the incident had also surfaced online, leading to widespread outrage.

Philadelphia Police Commissioner Richard Ross has since then issued an apology over the matter. Watch the apology here:

However, these are not the only racist incidents in the US hospitality industry in recent times. More recently, a noted public speaker was kicked out of a restaurant because he did not want to give up his seat. He said he was targeted because of the colour of his skin.

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