Want some pizza-flavoured ice cream? New York restaurant has you covered!

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Pizza crust-flavoured ice cream by Bruno Pizza. Picture credit: Instagram/Bruno Pizza official handle.

People across the world have tried to imbue ice cream with every flavour possible. However, some feel that a restaurant in New York may have gone a bit too far with a pizza-flavoured ice cream.

To be honest, the flavour is not exactly pizza but pizza crust. And the eatery offering this is Bruno Pizza in East Village, New York.

The ice cream costs $5 per dollop and is served in a bowl. However, the restaurant’s owner Demian Repucci also serves it on a cinnamon-sugar pizza if patrons ask for it.

How is pizza-flavoured ice cream made?

According to a report in the Daily Meal, the flour for the pizza crust comes organic wheat grown on a farm in Ithaca, New York. The wheat is ground into flour in the basement of Bruno Pizza itself.

“This is used to create plain dough, which, after baking in a wood oven, is completely ripped apart, toasted, and charred,” said the Daily Meal report.

“The crispy bits are steeped in a gelato base overnight and when Repucci comes in the next day, he throws everything in an ice cream maker,” it added.

“It tastes toasty, malty, a little sweet,” Repucci told the Daily Meal. He added that the ice cream also contains a sprinkling of Maldon salt.

The idea behind the dessert

The report quoted Repucci as also saying: “I’m a huge fan of Cinnamon Toast Crunch cereal. It reminds me of that.”

He also said: “This fits into my want to explore the possibilities of flavour wherever I can.”

He added: “All the little hidden places where you can find flavour in simple foods, like pizza crust and gelato, in which you wouldn’t typically think to use the ingredients.”

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