Watch: When Priyanka Chopra encountered Bollywood-flavoured popcorn

Priyanka Chopra and Seth Meyers

In picture: Priyanka Chopra and Seth Meyers. Picture credit: YouTube Screenshot.

Priyanka Chopra turned into a global icon when she started playing Alex Parrish on the hit ABC show Quantico.

That was two years ago. She is now promoting the third season of the series, which has just started airing.

And it was during one such promotion that she talked about something we had never heard of: Bollywood-flavoured popcorn!

The Baywatch star also managed to dispel some myths during this conversation. She ended up explaining to Seth Meyers on the Late Show on NBC that Bollywood is not a genre but an industry.

Priyanka Chopra vs Alex Parrish

Speaking to Meyers about the third season of her upcoming show, Priyanka said she had internalised Alex Parrish so much that she believes she has the abilities the Quantico protagonist has.

“This weird thing has started happening to me, you guys,” she said on the show. “I have been doing… being Alex Parrish for three seasons now, I have started to believe that I have her fighting skills.”

She went on to add: “I mean, if I get mugged in New York I will be all ready for it.”

Priyanka Chopra
In picture: Priyanka Chopra. Picture credit: Instagram/Priyanka Chopra official account

Is Bollywood a genre?

Then, towards the end of the interview, Meyers remarked: “I believed Bollywood to be a genre of films, but that’s not the case.” Priyanka’s reply: “And that’s what annoys me so much.”

She continued: “I mean I don’t even think that I realised that when I was in India working in Hindi films that Bollywood has been reduced to a genre when it’s not. It’s actually an entire industry.”

Bollywood is the informal name given to the Hindi-language film industry in India. The word is incidentally a portmanteau of erstwhile Bombay – currently Mumbai, where most Hindi films are produced – and Hollywood.

Priyanka then said: “At Trader Joe’s I saw Bollywood-flavoured popcorn. How do you put a flavour to an entire industry?. She joked: “What would Hollywood’s flavour be? Like, cheeseburger.”

Meyers replied: “No. It would be… It would be gluten-free.” And the two laughed it off.

Watch the full video here:

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