Watch: Texas man bashes in McDonald’s window over biscuits and gravy


The McDonald's at 102 North University Avenue, Lubbock, Texas. Picture Credit: Google Street View screenshot

The police in the Lubbock county of Texas are on the lookout for a man who attacked a McDonald’s outlet recently.

Local reports say the man bashed in a window at the restaurant with a baseball bat on the morning of Monday, April 30. However, no one was injured in the incident.

The police have subsequently obtained CCTV footage of the incident. They have also launched a manhunt for the accused, who has not been identified by name.

Rage at McDonald’s

A report in KCBD said the incident took place at a drive-through – drive-thru in the United States – on 102 North University Avenue in Lubbock, Texas.

The unidentified man ordered biscuits and gravy at the McDonald’s, but an employee told him to come back 20 minutes later.

The outlet was reportedly closed at the time to reset the computers. This is apparently a regular occurrence at the restaurant.

According to a police report accessed by KCBD, the man then waited for 20 minutes in the parking lot. He returned to the drive-through with a baseball bat.

The employee at the drive-through window reportedly told the police the man hit the window thrice with the baseball bat, smashing it.

[Representational image] | Photo credit: Creative Commons

Business as usual

After this, the man was seen headed north along the road. CCTV footage of the incident shows him wearing a t-shirt, shorts and a cap.

The KCBD report said the McDonald’s outlet continued to function as normal after the incident. The smashed window was replaced with a make-shift one.

The police were informed soon after. Officers arrived at the scene at 4 am to take stock of the situation, gather evidence and investigate.

Watch the video footage of the incident here:

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