Chef Kimberly Rozario at the Academy of Pastry Arts

Modern French cuisine is taking over pastry scene in India: Chef Kimberly Rozario

The pastry scene in India is undergoing a sea-change, with people switching from many traditional desserts to ones that were once found only in five-star …

Conflicts and extreme climate change threatens access to food in 39 countries: UN agriculture report

Unrelenting conflict and rapid climate change is continuing to reshape agriculture across the world, and contributing to major food shortages across 39 countries, which continue to rely on help from the United Nations to meet their food needs, the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) said recently.


Indian woman left husband because she did not like biryani smell

A pregnant Indian woman apparently left her husband because she did not like the biryani smell as he and their son ate it in her presence.

Star Wars Spoiler Alert: Does Wookie diet include humans? Novelisation hints at dark Chewbacca-Han Solo encounter!

Star Wars Spoiler Alert: There’s a darkness in the manner in which Han Solo and Chewbacca met in Solo: A Star Wars Story. Read to know more.


Why are the French fighting to keep Marseille McDonald’s open?

French residents are fighting to keep the Marseille McDonald’s open, and with good reason! Read to know more about this development.

Newari Meat Platter, Chicken Kurkure have Rahul Gandhi in a soup?

Congress president Rahul Gandhi is in the middle of a row following claims that he ate non-vegetarian food before a holy Hindu pilgrimage.

Food, security and peace desperately needed in Mali: UN deputy relief chief

A senior United Nations relief official has called for greater international attention to the plight of millions in Africa’s Mali, where worsening intercommunal violence and …

Zomato delisting ‘hundreds of restaurants’ that do not meet quality standards

Food-ordering platform Zomato is delisting “hundreds of restaurants” because of apparently continued complaints of unhygienic conditions prevailing there.

UN food relief agency airlifts aid to DR Congo province hit by Ebola outbreak

Emergency food aid is being delivered to people affected by the Ebola virus in the eastern part of the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC), …

Ikea fined $160 in India after worm found in food

Global do-it-yourself furniture brand-turned-multi-product company Ikea was recently fined Rs 11,500 – roughly $160 – in India after a customer found a worm in the …