Foodies need to become entrepreneurs: Top foodpreneur tips from Arjun Meda

He wishes to see more foodies become entrepreneurs and make their passion their business. Arjun Meda has some key foodpreneur tips that should help foodies …

Social media influencer

This country is instituting an annual fee for bloggers and social media influencers!

Are you a blogger or a social media influencer? You may have to pay a hefty fee henceforth if you live in this one country …

French fries

Food wars: Russia looks to ban import of French fries from US!

Rising tensions between the US and Russia now have a French connection. A top Russian official has said the country is planning to stop importing …

Burger and fries

London mayor will ban junk food ads on public transport: Should others follow suit?

London mayor Sadiq Khan has been a divisive figure at times. This time, he is in the middle of a heated debate because of his …


Italy aghast as Starbucks looks to open shop, with ‘respect and humility’!

US-originated coffeehouse chain Starbucks is looking to open shop in Italy, but it may turn out to be the newer version of the English idiom …

The royal wedding

Dunkin’ Donuts unveils special plans for royal wedding, including a Royal Love Donut!

All eyes on May 19 will be on Prince Harry and Meghan Markle as they tie the knot. Not Dunkin’ Donuts, though. As the British …


Delhi is supplied substandard milk, says Health Minister Satyendar Jain

Tests conducted by the Delhi government has found that milk sold by 21 brands – including some renowned ones – are “substandard.”

Tuna fish

What is World Tuna Day? When and why is it celebrated?

Do you like tuna? So does your furbaby? Then here’s a day to celebrate that great and tasty source of nutrition! However, World Tuna Day …


Bob Dylan to launch whiskey brand after The Rock announces tequila venture

Country legend Bob Dylan has announced a foray into the world of alcohol, with reports saying he will launch a whiskey line. The news comes …

French fries

AI to the rescue of quality French fries: A farming tale

Your days of disappointing French fries – or any other potato product, for that matter – may have an end in sight. And you can …