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A woman in North India reportedly eloped with her paramour because her husband could not feed her eggs.

The incident took place in the Gorakhpur district of the state of Uttar Pradesh, the Indo Asian News Service reported.

The local police said this is the second time the woman, a resident of Campierganj in the area, has eloped.

Eggs for love?

According to the report, the woman’s husband is a daily wage labourer who cannot afford to buy eggs on a daily basis.

The woman, who apparently loves to eats eggs, would regularly ask her husband to bring some. He, being a daily wage labourer, could not afford them often.

He reportedly claimed his wife’s paramour won her affection by exploiting her liking for eggs. “She was fond of eggs and her paramour regularly brought eggs for her,” he was quoted as saying.

The woman, whose name has not been released, reportedly fled her household two months ago after a tiff with her husband.

She fled again on Saturday, October 26, after fighting with her husband over eggs, the report said. It is being assumed she fled with her paramour because he was not found at his house either.

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Similar incident

Last year, a pregnant woman in the state of Karnataka left her husband and child because she could not stand the smell of the biryani her husband was eating.

He waited for two days for her to return, and lodged a police complaint after that. She was eventually traced back to her parents’ home in an entirely different state.

A police officer subsequently said of the case: “She left husband’s home due to normal husband-wife fight. Now we have found her and she is with her husband.”

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