Watch: Man on the run after video shows him taking puddle water to use in panipuri shop in Nagpur!


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A video from Nagpur showing a panipuri stall owner filling water from a pothole to apparently use in his shop is going viral on social media.

The 53-second video, which was apparently first posted on Facebook, has now spread to several other social media platforms.

The local authorities told Times of Food that the man seen in the video had come to Nagpur only a month ago, and is currently on the run.

Puddle water for stall

Facebook group Nagpur Foodies was one of the first places where the video surfaced.

It showed the man wearing a half-sleeve T-shirt using a mug to fill a container with water from a puddle behind a parked car.

After the water is filled, the man is then seen crossing the road to go back to his panipuri stall, which was open at the time. The name of the stall was clear in the video: Mathuravasi.

Watch the video here:

FDA takes action

The Nagpur unit of the Maharashtra Food and Drug Administration (FDA) told Times of Food that it had been informed of the video.

Nagpur FDA Joint Commissioner told Times of Food over the telephone that his team raided the stall after the video went viral.

However, they were unable to arrest the man, now identified as one Mushtaq Khan, because he had fled the scene. Kekare said Khan had come to the city only a month ago and put up a roadside eatery.

He also said: “We have registered a complaint with the local police station, which is the Nandanvan police station, in this regard. Khan will be arrested as soon as the police trace him. Appropriate action will be taken against him.”

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