Man fills toilet water, which he will reportedly use to make idli. | Picture credit: Screenshot

A street vendor from Mumbai seems to be in hot water after a video, showing him purportedly make idli with toilet water, was circulated widely online.

The local Food and Drug Administration (FDA) office has reportedly taken cognisance of the matter.

Meanwhile, people who saw the video on social media expressed utter disgust at it.

Making idli with toilet water

The video, which was shared on social media, is a minute and 31 seconds long.

It shows a man filling water from a railway station toilet when he is being filmed. The water was supposed to be used to make chutney — a sauce traditionally served with idli.

However, there is no information on exactly when this incident took place. A report by news agency ANI, however, claims that this happened at the Borivali Railway Station in Mumbai.

See the video yourself:

FDA warns of action

Sadashiv Adhav from the Mumbai branch of the FDA was quoted by ANI as saying about the incident: “The video has come to our knowledge.”

He added: “We will conduct an inquiry against him as well as others, who use such methods to do business.”

He also said: “Such water is not healthy for consumption. People may get affected.”

Asked about action against the vendor, Adhav said: “When the person is caught, his license will be checked and if any sample is found, it will be seized and then necessary action will be taken.”

However, he also cautioned people against jumping to conclusions. “We have seen the video. We have to check which place the video was shot at. Action as necessary will be taken after the probe,” he said.

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