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A man in the US has said his son found what can best be described as a razor in a McDonalds Happy Meal.

The incident took place on Sunday, March 3. The local police reportedly investigated the incident but did not find anything suspicious.

The razor was believed to be a cleaning tool used at McDonalds. There has been no official word from the multinational fast-food chain in the matter.

Razor in McDonalds Happy Meal

Speaking about his four-year-old son’s experience, Wisconsin-resident Scot Dymond told a news outlet: “He came running out, happy to have a toy. I happened to see what it was, and I grabbed it from him.”

The “toy” in question happened to be handheld tool with a sharp razor attached to it. Dymond was quick to point out this lapse to the store where he got the happy meal from.

“The manager said they were sorry, and they could comp us a free meal. I don’t want a meal. I want my kid to be safe and everyone else’s kids to be safe,” he said.

The razor with a handle that Sdot Dymond said his son found in the McDonalds Happy Meal. | Picutre credit: Scot Dymond

The police get involved

Not happy with the manager’s response, Dymond approached the local police with over the incident.

During the police investigation, it emerged that the razor with the handle was actually a scraper used at the fast-food outlet.

Columbus county police Chief Dennis Weiner was quoted by news sources as explaining how the razor ended up in the Happy Meal: “I don’t think anyone had ill intent. I think it was a fluke.”

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