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A pregnant woman in the Indian state of Karnataka left her husband and child because of biryani smell. The incident is believed to have taken place late last month.

According to local reports, the husband lodged a missing person report with the police after searching for her for two days.

She was eventually traced back to her parents’ home in an entirely different state.

‘A normal husband-wife fight’

According to the police, this was a domestic quarrel that ballooned into something much bigger.

Raju Sarkar and his wife Anita – both from Madhya Pradesh – had a quarrel. Subsequently, Anita went missing with thousands of rupees in cash.

A distraught Raju searched for her for two days before filing a police complaint. The cops traced her back to her parents’ home.

A police officer was quoted by a Times of India report as saying: “She left husband’s home due to normal husband-wife fight. Now we have found her and she is with her husband.

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Biryani smell to blame?

The ToI article, which quoted a Vijay Karnataka report, said a pregnant Anita left Raju because she could not bear the smell of biryani.

According to the report, Raju brought home some biryani on August 27 and had it with his son.

A pregnant Anita apparently could not bear the biryani smell and went to bed on an empty stomach.

The next day, after Raju went to work, Anita left home with Rs 12,000 without informing anyone.

Raju searched for two days but could not locate her. That was when he informed the police.

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