Foodies need to become entrepreneurs: Top foodpreneur tips from Arjun Meda


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He wishes to see more foodies become entrepreneurs and make their passion their business. Arjun Meda has some key foodpreneur tips that should help foodies enter the industry. 


As national coordinator for, and also head of the Bengaluru chapter of the organisation, Meda helps set up partnerships with co-working spaces, incubation centres, Investors and various other partners in startup and corporate companies.

In conversation with Times Of Food, he has some interesting bits of advice for foodies and those looking the enter the food industry.

Arjun Meda
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‘Encourage foodies to become entrepreneurs’

This is one aspect of the food industry Meda wants to see happen.

“Cuisines like Mediterranean food are expensive, and one cannot afford them every day. If a foodie were to set up the smallest of stalls and not charge like crazy, they would find that there is a lot of demand for such food,” said Meda.

He added that a lot of foodies are passionate about recipes. They can be really successful if they can experiment with the recipes and offer some affordable fare, he said.

Meda also said that food trucks are a simple and easy way to start a business.

Food truck
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‘Build a good team’

Another aspect of having a successful food business that Meda stressed upon is building a good team, and that includes choosing the right co-founder.

He also suggested that in case a few people were starting off with a food truck, at least one of them should be passionate about cooking and know his or her way around ingredients.

“This is so that in case the main chef is unavailable for some reason, this other person can step up and the business can go on,” he said.

Meda also suggested picking someone who is good at management, and “run the show.”

He added: “And to keep things interesting, the team should come up with some innovation, like a secret sauce that sets them apart from the competition.”

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Other foodpreneur tips

Meda also emphasised the importance of market research, and said it should be done on the field.

He gave the example of how many eateries were bringing in seating arrangements where there were none only a few years ago.

He also said foodpreneurs should keep an eye on the market and its trends. “For example, Indian food supplements are making a big entry into the market,” he said.

These, explained Meda, were once known to everyone. They are currently found mixed with other ingredients. However, their true power as superfoods was forgotten over time, and are being rediscovered only now, he said.

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