Eight-legged food: US restaurant serves Tarantula Burger as a challenge!

Tarantula Burger

In picture: Tarantula Burger. Picture credit: Instagram/Bull City Burger & Brewery official handle

Tired of your basic burger? Looking to spice things up a bit? Try the Tarantula Burger! It is served by a North Carolina in the US as part of an annual month-long challenge.

Sadly – or is it gladly? – you will have to wait till next year for this shocker of a dish from Bull City Burger & Brewery in NC.

That’s because the burger is served only in the month of April every year. The eatery celebrates April as Exotic Meat Month. It is on this occasion that it serves the spider burger.

What is the Tarantula Burger?

Yes, the burger actually has a tarantula on it. And people have to vie in a daily raffle to get a hold of one. They have to pay $30 to enrol in the raffle, and the burger is available until stock lasts.

The challenge is to finish the burger and fries in one sitting. The prize is a t-shirt that bears testimony to the winner’s prowess.

Winning contestants also get a photo taken with the t-shirt as proof that they have completed the challenge.

So what do they have to eat, exactly? By the restaurant’s own admission, the entire dish has a “pasture-raised NC beef burger, oven-roasted tarantula, and spicy chilli sauce,” besides some “Dirty Fries.”

The restaurant, however, hastens to humorously add: “Should you be unable to call within the two day period to claim your tarantula, it will be returned to the spider burrow and raffled off to another lucky winner.”

Something thrilling about eating your fear’

The challenge, it seems, has been gaining popularity for three years now, with more and more people participating.

Bull City Burger & Brewery owner told Fox News about the participants: “It’s everybody…we’ve had kids, adults. I mean, every type of person.”

He added: “There’s something thrilling about eating your fear.” He also said that most people who have tried the Tarantula Challenge are arachnophobic – they have a fear of spiders.

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